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Love My Way - Stamped Cuff Jewellery for Women - Aluminium Cuff


These brand new cuff bracelets are MADE TO ORDER just for you! Each bracelet is stamped in my new TATTOO style font with the text:


You will receive one stamped Aluminium cuff bracelet measuring 15cm x 6mm.  This bracelet is best suited for SMALL to MEDIUM wrists but can be adjusted by yourself to make it slightly bigger / smaller.  These are made from polished Aluminium which is LIGHTWEIGHT, hypoallergenic and tarnish free making it a great alternative to Silver.  They *may* scratch lightly over time with use but the wording will remain stamped in forever.

Important Notes

* Each letter is individually stamped by me which means I cannot guarantee all of the letters will align exactly or be to the same depth.  However I think this adds to the charm of the piece and makes it truly one of a kind .  It also means all custom orders are non refundable unless I have made an error.

* All items are delivered in gift packaging.  Appearance may vary slightly from picture shown depending on stock levels.

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